The Ultimate Ascension Guide For Spiritual Growth


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The ultimate guide to your spiritual growth will help you:

  • ​Open your third eye, open your hand chakras, and activate the 8-point Merkaba to increase your intuition and psychic gifts.
  • ​Use the power of the Archangel Shields to filter out negative energy and enhance your connection to your higher self.
  • ​Receive the ancient and sacred secret about the invisibility cloak to become invisible to negative energies, entities, technologies, and people that may cause harm to you.
  • ​Utilize the power of your Toroidal Sphere to tap into the force fields of energy to raise your vibration and expand your consciousness.

Hi There, I'm Jessica

Following my spiritual awakening journey, I found my lost power, healed my soul, and, eventually, ascended to a higher state of being. Since then, I, who is also a certified Past Life Regression Practitioner and a REIKI healer, have dedicated my time and energy to helping other people unlock themselves and reach higher levels of consciousness & spirituality.

Through my ascension methods and other practices, including soul memory activations and connection with the Angelic Realm, I introduce sacred teachings to help my clients raise their energetic vibration and lead them towards a spiritual transformation.

Working with people internationally, I assist individuals in dealing with their soul traumas while expanding their consciousness levels and discovering their true purpose.

What Jessica's Clients Are Experiencing:

"I had the most beautiful experience having an AURA session with Jessica. The first thing that impressed me was her ability to protect me, with love/light and angelic presence. She really takes her time to create this beautiful protection. The session itself was very interesting as I had been asking my guides how far back do I go? Having had several Past life regression sessions in the past, I always wondered about my first life as a human. It was interesting to find that my higher self answered by showing me a very old life (indigenous) where I lived in a cave. She guided me to another modern life and away we went to experience my higher self. I did ask for a particular healing and was greeted by Mother Marys consciousness to perform the healing. Her presence in my space was the most beautiful experience feeling her love and tenderness. Jessica is very loving and genuinely works hard to dig deep for answers. I would highly recommend a session with her which is life changing, truly. Jessica, from the bottom of my heart...Thank you" - Mayra
"My AURA session with Jessica was so amazing! Not only was I able to receive healing for myself, but for my son as well! I live in South Carolina and she is in California and we were able to do everything online. I felt very safe through everything. Jessica has such a beautiful spirit and is she makes you feel very comfortable throughout the session. The connections you can make and information that comes through is so unbelievably amazing and real!!! I am so grateful to be have been able to share this experience with her!"- Gina
"I have used Jessica and Deane’s services on two occasions. Well, I can say with certain, that "Heartfelt Freedom" is a perfect name for the business. The intuitive session was right on and I instantly felt that I resonated with these warm, heartfelt women. Their sincerity and willingness to help on an intuitive level was just what I was looking for. My second time working with them involved an Angel healing and it was amazing! After doing the clearing and energy work, Jessica explained which angels came through and their specific messages for me and how they helped during the session. Also, I received some personal crystals and instructions for how to use and work with them in my life. I highly recommend Jessica and Deane, as two healers who are using their gifts to spiritually and intuitively guide us on the earth plane at this time, giving us freedom to move forward as we approach Ascension." - Sherri

Grab your free ascension guidebook plus join our newsletter. You'll receive ascension tools, the latest energy updates, and special offerings.

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